Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Benefits of using Responsive web Design

Responsive web design is  creating a website in seen in any Platform so that it seen on different screen resolutions. Give a boost Your responsible website in their ranking. So it is important for your business that your website should be response and user-friendly to others.

Smartphone and tablet are increases rapidly, so does the importance of mobile and tablet friendly websites. Smartphones and tablets have changed the approach toward design and user experience. Before the spread of mobile devices with advanced web-browsing capability, web designers had only one primary to deal with keeping the same look and feel of their websites. However, interacting with websites on mobile and tablets is not the same as doing that on a desktop . Factors such as Click versus Touch, Screen-size, Pixel-resolution, optimized markup and many more have become important while creating websites with Responsive Design.Advantages of Responsive Design are Super Flexible, Excellent User Experience, Cost Effective, It is Recommended By Google, Very Easy to manage.
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